SF31 in books
Released in Hong Kong during April 2001 is this book by celebrated Hong Kong author, Danny Chan. The majority of the text is in Chinese, but renowned Hong Kong expert, Campbell H Morrison, contributes one chapter in English about Fleetlines in Scotland. Most of the captions are in Chinese and English. There are pictures of SF31 throughout the book.
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Hong Kong Bus Files
Daimler/Leyland Fleetline

Author : Danny C Y Chan

Publisher : Northcord International Ltd

ISBN : 962-920-033-3


Standardisation with the Daimler Fleetline
The Daimler Fleetline in Scotland
The CMB RLX1/SF1 Success Story
Jump on a CMB Jumbo
The KMB Fleetline
Hong Kong Experience
DMS - from London to Hong Kong
The Second-hand Fleetlines
A KMB Fleetline borrowed to Citybus
Farewell to Fleetlines
A Selection of Advertising Buses
The Second Generation China Double-decker Bus