SF31 in model form
To commemorate the special liveries applied to SF8 and SF31, New World FirstBus commissioned models from Collector's Model of Hong Kong. These models were considered part of the 'Heritage  Collection' of models.

The models were launched in July 2000 - just after SF31 reached the UK. Altogether 1800 models of SF31 were produced, and these were sold out quickly by the various dealers. If you visit NWFB's Cyber Shop, you might still be able to pick one up.

Collector's Model had already released 3 variations of the Short Fleetline class in CMB livery (including the 'Coach' livery) before SF8 and SF31 were released.

For up-to-date information about Hong Kong & other Oriental model buses, visit Graham White's excellent Oriental Model Buses website :

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